Since officially founding in May of 2022, Common Good Missoula has launched into citizen action and continued training dozens of leaders across our community to engage in a healthy local democracy to create systemic change led by everyday, average residents.

  • Over 75 delegates from our member organizations came together in September to discern our collective priorities and reach a consensus. Leaders decided to begin work on Housing Justice, Community Safety, Connectivity and Planning and to keep climate and Indigenous justice themes woven throughout as we launched our Campaign for a Just, Equitable, and Connected community. 
  • Nearly 100 new leaders have been trained in the Fundamentals of Organizing since May of 2022. This two-day training experience teaches critical thinking about power, negotiation, civics, and reconnecting and rehumanizing our communities. Participants leave excited, inspired, and ready to engage in positive change-making for themselves and for our community. 
  • Over 200 residents have completed Wrestling With the Truth of Colonization Training, creating a welcoming space where Indigenous leaders and settler leaders can work together as their whole selves to create the positive change we need.
  • In December, over 250 members and community members joined us for the Civic Academy to launch the Our Missoula Code Reform Initiative. Through relationships, Common Good leaders were able to build trust with City of Missoula staff and consultants to model a paradigm shift for what citizen engagement can look like. Through this good work, the everyday folks of Missoula are in on the ground floor of this initiative, providing feedback and input right as the project begins. 
  • This Spring, as the code reform project continues, our members are holding table talks to hear how Missoula's growth is impacting folks and what it is like to live in Missoula. How has past land use planning and zoning impacted our neighborhoods and everyday life here? We've already heard from over 150 people and with events scheduled through June, we expect to reach over 500 (and hopefully more!) people and hear their real stories and provide input to the city collectively.
  • Through these table talks, issues are already emerging and our delegates are getting ready to jump into several actions this summer around air quality, transportation safety and planning, and housing justice. We're also finding new leaders and will host another Fundamentals training in May!

Thank you for supporting this great work! 

$4,110.00 raised
GOAL: $15,000.00