Uniting Missoulians across race, class, sexual orientation, political ideology and religion

Wellbeing throughout our community requires everyday citizens, particularly the most impacted (black, indigenous, other people of color (BIPOC), our LGBTQ+ community, low-income individuals), meaningfully involved in creating the solutions shaping our community.

Our ideological and social silos are breeding divisiveness and polarization. At the same time, everyday people are disillusioned by participating as local citizens. These two trends, in the context of ongoing structural racism, create health and economic (wellbeing) disparities. Common Good addresses inequity by creating a large and racially/socially diverse network of everyday leaders working to address local challenges such as structural racism, lack of affordable housing, access to healthcare, and income inequality.

We don’t organize for justice and social change FOR people. We organize for justice and social change WITH people.

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