Our Missoula - Civic Academy and Project Launch

This event showcases a mold-breaking partnership for diverse, inclusive, and robust citizen engagement as both a civic academy for Common Good Missoula and a project launch for the City of Missoula "Our Missoula" project.

This is the beginning of being able to get a true and inclusive community vision for the Missoula community into policy.

We know that folks want to do work on housing, climate, and other justice issues, but unless the growth policy vision and zoning code for Missoula is climate and housing friendly, it is hard to implement diverse housing and climate goals.  This is a chance to lay the groundwork and come in at the beginning of the process to provide input in order to be able to do the transformational justice and resiliency work so many of us want to see happen.

Broad-based organizing is definitely about the long game much of the time and this is a great opportunity to lay a strong foundation and create strong relationships to be able to make real and deep changes. It's also a great opportunity teach citizen leaders from all walks of life how to interact with the City of Missoula to have their voice heard and their vision included in what Our Missoula looks like. 

December 13, 2022 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Commercial Building - Missoula County Fairgrounds
Lisa Davey · · 4062404105

Will you come?